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The Selene Alliance is a Lunar-oriented alliance in's Delta world, founded by members of the Moon Society. It has an anachronistic mission statement and a geocentric lunar reference mission.


Selene Alliance J207 nonames

Distribution of alliance islands
on 07 February 2009

MOON Alliance-map current

Distribution of alliance islands on 28 October 2009. 86 towns.
Tiny white dots: 1 alliance town. Yellow dots: 2-3 alliance towns.
Orange dots: 4-5 alliance towns. Red dots: 6+ alliance towns.

There are currently 14 civilizations in the alliance. The following chart is very seriously out of date and needs to be updated one of these months.

Ruler Town Coordinates Island Name Commodity Wonder
Chard UTNUBU [51:41] Zenios wine Dionysus
Swodniw [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
01SOcaM [57:48] Schiluios marble Gaia
SOtcaeR [54:42] Foyeos crystal Athene
DACarson Brephos [59:47] Whoriios marble Hermes
New Brephos [56:47] Sesuios wine Dionysus
Yipsolithos [57:46] Verotia crystal Ares
Nova Brephos [59:45] Horios marble Hermes
Vilana [56:47] Sesuios wine Dionysus
Evildave Durham [59:51] Dririos crystal Poseidon
Raleigh [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
RTP [60:51] Curiios wine Poseidon
chapel hill [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
Morrisville [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
cary [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
wake forrest [60:51] Curiios wine Poseidon
Jen My Town [56:44] Iaaos marble Hermes
Grianan [56:45] Revios wine Dionysus
Lacandela [56:43] Burytia sulfur Colossus
Crysalis [57:44] Llaynios crystal Athene
Xilow [56:44] Iaaos marble Hermes
Judikael Nod [44:60] Wildios crystal Colossus
Nod1 [42:56] Thofios wine Hermes
Nod2 [44:59] Cheoeos marble Gaia
MickDeLuny Crystalboro [44:60] Wildoios crystal Colossus
Fraschboro [43:59] Angeytia sulfur Poseidon
Quarryville [44:59] Cheoeos marble Gaia
Grappaville [43:60] Sootios wine Dionysus
Marbleboro [42:57] Llaydios marble Ares
Winehaven [43:60] Sootios wine Dionysus
Miros Mirovia [56:36] Devios marble Hermes
Little Mirovia [55:33] Strounios wine Ares
MiroviaOnTheBay [54:42] Foyeos crystal Athene
Mirovia Tower [56:36] Devios marble Hermes
BrimstonMirovia [43:59] Angeytia sulfur Poseidon
storm1369 Hooterville [54:60] Tejios sulfur Poseidon
Green Acres [55:60] Rhezios marble Gaia
Mayberry [57:61] Tanuos crystal Ares
Strangelv Barbaramor [52:47] Toreaos (defunct)
Aisteachgra [44:60] Wildoios crystal Colossus
Paraxenoagapia [57:43] Blinaios wine Dionysus
Eterau [56:36] Devios marble Hermes
Nekerahab [59:21] Sulaios (defunct)
New Barbaramor [60:51] Curiios wine Poseidon
Nekerahab II [57:61] Tanuos crystal Ares
Kuissassiyawar [82:66] Rahios marble Gaia
yehazekel Boeithea [83:65] Honitia wine Ares
sriracha [83:65] Honitia wine Ares
Blintzski [82:66] Rahios marble Gaia
mishegoss [83:66] Deniaos crystal Athene

Past MembersEdit

Pettyness Pettynopolis [54:35] Kagios (defunct)
PettyVille [56:36] Devios (defunct)
PettyVilla [55:33] Strounios (defunct)
lostdreamer Aria [60:51] Curiios
Reflection [59:50] Sishaios
Fluffernutter [60:53] Undytia
Lauralie [60:51] Curiios
Mazer Darkenstein [57:31] Samyos (defunct)
Mazer Prime [58:31] Queaeos (defunct)
Boozerville [57:30] Nohyos (defunct)
Polis [56:36] Devios (defunct)
Michael68823 Springfield [60:51] Curiios (defunct)
KFC [59:51] Dririos (defunct)
Michaelopolis [59:50] Sishaios (defunct)
Κρόνος (Kronost) fallen eden [56:36] Devios (defunct)
risen shadow [55:36] Ormatia (defunct)
fallen gardens [56:36] Devios (defunct)
Bubu Roxana [41:56] Rinios (defunct)
Roxana 1 [42:57] Llaydios (defunct)
Roxana 2 [42:56] Thofios (defunct)
Roxana 3 [43:58] Clydios (defunct)
EnderofDragon Sparta [59:52] Fycios (defunct)
Madness [59:50] Sishaios (defunct)
Blasphemy [60:52] Gupheios (defunct)
Vino [57:51] Schilios (defunct)
ChaoticPrincess Chaotic [58:22] Nyseuos (defunct)
Blossom [59:21] Sulaios (defunct)
Innocent [59:22] Turitia (defunct)
Serenity [58:21] Gouhios (defunct)
JoshuaHamolwitz Jerusalem [59:21] Sulaios (defunct)
Tel Aviv [58:22] Nyseuos (defunct)
Jericho [59:22] Turitia (defunct)
Bethleham [58:21] Gouhios (defunct)


  • Miros, leader and diplomat
  • MickDeLuny, general
  • Strangelv, home secretary

Mission StatementEdit

The alliance seeks to inspire and conduct study, research, advancement, resource extraction, and colonization: today the Ikariam Sea, tomorrow the Moon!

The Selene Alliance Reference MissionEdit

Ikariam Universe Reference Mission 1

How we will launch our winged chariot into the sky

As the best Greek philosophers such as Aristotle have estimated that the universe is composed of concentric crystal spheres, it is possible that the Moon may represent an absolute limit to the reach of human exploration. It may also represent an opening to the next crystal sphere.

Advantages of the MoonEdit

As the Moon is on the slowest-moving crystal sphere, the risk of being flung off is lowest. It is the one crystal sphere we know that we can reach. It may also confer military advantages of throwing boulders at those below during war.


Archimedes proved that a lever, given sufficient size and a place to stand, can lift a body of limitless size. Research will be required to find one that can lift the winged chariot to the Moon, however. Furthermore, some of the smaller giant leviathans, still larger than any mountain, are able to leap into the air, providing us with a massive weight from which to launch our chariot into the sky! We will use a mountain as a fulcrum for the greatest lever the world has ever seen.


A test server was set up on to test the 0.3.0 upgrade prior to releasing it. This server is still up and the alliance has a branch on this server. Right now most alliance members are on vacation on this server.

Game FAQEdit

I need to get rid of a town. How do I evacuate it?Edit

To evacuate a town, you will need sulfur, wood, gold, and cargo ships.

The fastest and least expensive unit to convert your population in 0.3.2 is spearmen.

You can also convert them at the same time into naval units, and it appears that sail ram ships are the best ships for this purpose.

Pros and cons of using sail ram ships: Pro:

  • Can do at the same time as training spearmen to speed up the evacuation (trust me, you want to do this)
  • Can provide their own transportation, reducing demand for cargo ships (which you need for salvaged resources and spearmen)


  • Take longer to reach destination than spearmen in cargo ships. This could be an issue if, say, it's a 12 hour trip for even a cargo ship. When the distance is too great, you will probably want to stop doing ram ships late in the transition and only do swordsmen.

We don't know the current optimal ratio of spearmen to sail ram ships at this time.

Watch out for a rapidly growing population when you want it as close to zero as possible. Carefully plan when to downgrade and eventually demolish the tavern, museum, and governor's mansion. When you can't get it any lower, try to get ready to remove everyone you can as rapidly as you can and then demolish the town. You want to reduce your equilibrium population gradually towards the lowest value you can get and keep your population at that level until the very end, when you can't get it any lower and you just try to remove what you can of whomever is still there.

If you have a trade post, you can try selling resources gained by demolishing buildings at fire sale prices to avoid needing to ship them or lose them.


queue up 12 hours worth of sail ram ship production queue up 12 hours worth of spearmen production Check with town center to see how much population increase will happen in the next hour if action isn't taken bring that down to about zero:

  • Big change in population equilibrium: downgrade the mansion by one level -- corruption seriously dampers counterproductive enthusiasm.
  • Medium change in population equilibrium: remove an artifact from the museum, completely demolish the museum, or reduce the amount of wine being served.
  • Smaller change in population equilibrium: downgrade the tavern a level

If you have a fairly short distance to cover, then always mobilize people at both your barracks and shipyards. If the distance is longer, your final, below-equilibrium batch should be entirely of spearmen after the last of the sail ram ships have finally reached their destination so that they won't slow down your ability to turn off the lights before you find yourself with 30 new people showing up to face their doom.

When things go negative, queue more people into the shipyard and/or barracks to get the population as close as you can to the new equilibrium.

With adequately high building levels and both the barracks and shipyard at work cranking out sail ram ships and spearmen, you should be able to mobilize about 25 people an hour.

Note that there will be a minimum population that your town will progress towards when you remove too many people. Postpone adding these people to your ship and spear queues until there's almost nobody ahead of them in the queue. If there's fewer than 10 people lost when you finally abandon the town, you've done very well.

When you have a new town, rapidly build up the town center, tavern, and museum, plus a couple of levels on the mansion or palace. When you have room for adding, say 12 people without suicides or rioting, decommission two sail rams or six pairs of spearmen to fill that opening. Try to settle all the population you converted into low end units of limited military value as quickly as possible to reduce upkeep costs.

Remember that you can't abandon the town until every last ship has reached one of your other towns and that the last trade ship from someone buying your fire sale merchandise has returned home.

Can I send you X of a resource?Edit


People sending approximately equal amounts of assorted resources to each other within a few hours time is legal, by game rules.

People with higher scores can send anything they want and can afford to people with lower scores. Pulling is legal!

People with lower scores need to be very careful about sending resources to people with higher scores. Pushing is not legal and we've gotten people hostile to us banned for pushing. You may send resources to repay a previous loan, but should keep the shipments small.

Does X contribute to my overall score/How is overall score computed?Edit

Several things have score values that do not count. The only stores that count are:

  • Number of civilians
  • Total gold spent on cargo ships ignoring discounts
  • Master Builder score (resources spent on completed buildings, ignoring bonuses and discounts)
  • Generals score
  • Scientists score (research points spent on completed research)

Also, some of these are weighted a lot higher than others -- the biggest contributions will likely be your completed researches and your cargo ships if you have enough of them.

For more information, go here.

What happens to my overall score when I...Edit

Some things in your score such as cargo ships and completed research are permanent, but not everything. If you demolish your buildings, for example, the Master Builders component of your overall score will go down.

I'm hemorrhaging money!Edit

Shutting down research and production can stop the bleeding long enough to figure out a plan. If they don't, you're in really big trouble.

One thing to do is look at your your town centers and see if you have rioting or unhappiness. While you're there, see how much headroom you have to increase the population. Increase your wine output until you head towards neutral with a maximum population. Then increase the size of your town center, then the tavern and back again a few times.

if you've got room in your towns, retire some lower-level military like swordsmen and slingers so that they can earn gold instead of cost it.

I see I need to add the calculation I use to find out how many I can safely retire to the FAQ.

Look at your town center and your happiness level. Make sure you have enough room to retire at least one. This procedure is time better spent if you have room to retire quite a few.

Retire one and only one of the type you're reducing.

Go back to your town center and look at your happiness again. If it was 1.82 and now it's 1.76, you know that it decreased by 0.06. Now divide 1.76 by 0.06 and get a little over 29. Next, take how much headroom you have for people in your town center and divide that by however many people are in each unit you're retiring. If it's larger than 29, you can safely retire up to 29 of them. If it's smaller than 29, then that's the maximum you can retire without killing anybody.

How can I avoid attracting raiders?Edit

The #1 thing that attracts raiders is: An inactive flag on your towns.

We recommend that you log in and move a few resources from town to town every 3.5 days. Do not wait more than 7 days. You will become inactive, lose any observers we've placed in your town, and probably get raided.

If you expect to be unable to log into the game for more than 7 days, please use vacation mode.

The #2 thing that attracts raiders is: Undefended resources

Build a wall. Build enough military units that attacking you won't be cheap for them. Build up your hideout to protect your wine so you won't have rioting in the streets too.

One last thing: If at all possible, please send your email address or other contact info to Rose/Miros, so we can contact you if you are attacked.

How do I go into vacation mode?Edit

At the very top of the Ikariam page is a link for Options. On that page, scroll down to "Vacation Mode." It's self-explanatory from there, but in general, you can't have ships moving troops or resources when you go into vacation mode.

We ask that players intending to be inactive for more than 7 days go into vacation mode to protect themselves from pillaging.

I just lost a lot of resources to an attackEdit

Simple answer: Don't let your resources build up until you can defend them!

Build buildings and troops (being careful not to put yourself into deficit spending). You should have a building under construction at all times if your online time allows.

Build up your expensive buildings as you can afford it. Don't try to save up to build all the level X buildings in all towns at once.

Move resources to other, better defended towns. Shell games are annoying, but more frustrating to the would be raider!

Ask someone to help you defend the town if you have to bring in a large quantity of resources for an expensive building.

Make an informal agreement with another alliance member to "store" them for you.

Contribute to the resource generators and Miracles. Claims of "leech" are the number one justification of attacks, stupid, justified, or not.

Build up your Hideouts. What they don't know about, they won't come for.

Alliance FAQEdit

I need to speak to someone immediately/How do I get into ASI MOO?Edit

You can frequently find members of the alliance in ASI MOO, a multiuser domain that was established in 1999. Just note that it wasn't set up to discuss the game and that discussions involving the Moon Society, Artemis Society, Space Development, et c. take precedence over other topics -- although you're more than welcome to join in. You can whisper your emergency to someone (see next question).

If the topic is politics, economics, a different game, et c. (and it probably is), it's probably safe enough to say what you need openly.

If no one seems to be responding, state your question openly and stay logged in. It might take awhile for someone to notice you -- more than five or ten minutes is normal. The regulars are typically doing other things while logged in.

How do I whisper to someone in ASI MOOEdit

  • wh "blah" to someone

will whisper "blah" to anyone named someone in the room. You will probably want to whisper something more interesting to someone who actually is in the room and in the alliance.

Please note that the quotation marks are important.

Why do a bunch of high level people have one spearguy or cook in my town?Edit

We have started placing military observers in every town as an early warning system.

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