Ruler Town Coordinates Island Name Commodity Wonder
Chard UTNUBU [51:41] Zenios wine Dionysus
Swodniw [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
01SOcaM [57:48] Schiluios marble Gaia
SOtcaeR [54:42] Foyeos crystal Athene
DACarson Brephos [59:47] Whoriios marble Hermes
New Brephos [56:47] Sesuios wine Dionysus
Yipsolithos [57:46] Verotia crystal Ares
Nova Brephos [59:45] Horios marble Hermes
Vilana [56:47] Sesuios wine Dionysus
Evildave Durham [59:51] Dririos crystal Poseidon
Raleigh [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
RTP [60:51] Curiios wine Poseidon
chapel hill [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
Morrisville [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
cary [59:50] Sishaios marble Gaia
wake forrest [60:51] Curiios wine Poseidon
Jen My Town [56:44] Iaaos marble Hermes
Grianan [56:45] Revios wine Dionysus
Lacandela [56:43] Burytia sulfur Colossus
Crysalis [57:44] Llaynios crystal Athene
Xilow [56:44] Iaaos marble Hermes
Judikael Nod [44:60] Wildios crystal Colossus
Nod1 [42:56] Thofios wine Hermes
Nod2 [44:59] Cheoeos marble Gaia
MickDeLuny Crystalboro [44:60] Wildoios crystal Colossus
Fraschboro [43:59] Angeytia sulfur Poseidon
Quarryville [44:59] Cheoeos marble Gaia
Grappaville [43:60] Sootios wine Dionysus
Marbleboro [42:57] Llaydios marble Ares
Winehaven [43:60] Sootios wine Dionysus
Miros Mirovia [56:36] Devios marble Hermes
Little Mirovia [55:33] Strounios wine Ares
MiroviaOnTheBay [54:42] Foyeos crystal Athene
Mirovia Tower [56:36] Devios marble Hermes
BrimstonMirovia [43:59] Angeytia sulfur Poseidon
storm1369 Hooterville [54:60] Tejios sulfur Poseidon
Green Acres [55:60] Rhezios marble Gaia
Mayberry [57:61] Tanuos crystal Ares
Strangelv Barbaramor [52:47] Toreaos (defunct)
Aisteachgra [44:60] Wildoios crystal Colossus
Paraxenoagapia [57:43] Blinaios wine Dionysus
Eterau [56:36] Devios marble Hermes
Nekerahab [59:21] Sulaios (defunct)
New Barbaramor [60:51] Curiios wine Poseidon
Nekerahab II [57:61] Tanuos crystal Ares
Kuissassiyawar [82:66] Rahios marble Gaia
yehazekel Boeithea [83:65] Honitia wine Ares
sriracha [83:65] Honitia wine Ares
Blintzski [82:66] Rahios marble Gaia
mishegoss [83:66] Deniaos crystal Athene

Past MembersEdit

Pettyness Pettynopolis [54:35] Kagios (defunct)
PettyVille [56:36] Devios (defunct)
PettyVilla [55:33] Strounios (defunct)
lostdreamer Aria [60:51] Curiios
Reflection [59:50] Sishaios
Fluffernutter [60:53] Undytia
Lauralie [60:51] Curiios
Mazer Darkenstein [57:31] Samyos (defunct)
Mazer Prime [58:31] Queaeos (defunct)
Boozerville [57:30] Nohyos (defunct)
Polis [56:36] Devios (defunct)
Michael68823 Springfield [60:51] Curiios (defunct)
KFC [59:51] Dririos (defunct)
Michaelopolis [59:50] Sishaios (defunct)
Κρόνος (Kronost) fallen eden [56:36] Devios (defunct)
risen shadow [55:36] Ormatia (defunct)
fallen gardens [56:36] Devios (defunct)
Bubu Roxana [41:56] Rinios (defunct)
Roxana 1 [42:57] Llaydios (defunct)
Roxana 2 [42:56] Thofios (defunct)
Roxana 3 [43:58] Clydios (defunct)
EnderofDragon Sparta [59:52] Fycios (defunct)
Madness [59:50] Sishaios (defunct)
Blasphemy [60:52] Gupheios (defunct)
Vino [57:51] Schilios (defunct)
ChaoticPrincess Chaotic [58:22] Nyseuos (defunct)
Blossom [59:21] Sulaios (defunct)
Innocent [59:22] Turitia (defunct)
Serenity [58:21] Gouhios (defunct)
JoshuaHamolwitz Jerusalem [59:21] Sulaios (defunct)
Tel Aviv [58:22] Nyseuos (defunct)
Jericho [59:22] Turitia (defunct)
Bethleham [58:21] Gouhios (defunct)

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