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The Selene Alliance is a Lunar-oriented alliance in's Delta world, founded by members of The Moon Society. It has an anachronistic mission statement and a geocentric lunar reference mission.


MOON Alliance-map current Closeup

Alliance islands - Closeup - 89 towns.
22:04, April 6, 2011 (UTC).
00:04, April 7 (Game Time).

Tiny white dots: 1 alliance town.
Yellow dots: 2-3 alliance towns.
Orange dots: 4-5 alliance towns.
Red dots: 6+ alliance towns.

MOON Alliance-map current

Alliance islands
full map.
22:04, April 6, 2011 (UTC).
00:04, April 7 (Game Time).

Click the thumbnail to see the full size version of the map.


There are currently 12 civilizations in the alliance.

Ruler No of Towns Position in Alliance Score as of 3/26/11 Towns and Coordinates
Evildave 11 Member 4,326,735 RTP [60:51]
Morrisville [59:50]
wake forrest [60:51]
greensboro [60:51]
Jacksonville [61:51]
Raleigh [59:50]
chapel hill [59:50]
cary [59:50]
high point [60:51]
Pittsboro [61:52]
Durham [59:51]
DACarson 9 Member 2,384,612 Brepos Theion [57:47]
Marmaro [57:48]
Brephos [59:47]
Yipsolithos [57:46]
Vilana [56:47]
Lagorthi [39:29]
Bilia [56:36]
New Brephos [56:47]
Nova Brephos [59:45]
Miros 9 Leader/Diplomat 1,828,020 Mirovia Tower [56:36]
Little Mirovia [55:33]
Mirovia On Etna [43:59]
Mirovia Splash [55:33]
Mirovia Inlet [57:43]
Mirovia [56:36]
Mirovia Bay [54:42]
Mirovia Pool [43:60]
Mirovia Rock [44:59]
MickDeLuny 10 General 1,527,373 Yellowrock [43:59]
Fraschboro [43:59]
Grappaville [43:60]
Winehaven [43:60]
Whiterock [44:59]
Graystone [44:59]
Crystalboro [44:60]
Quarryville [44:59]
Marbleboro [42:57]
Glastonboro [43:58]
Strangelv 9 Home Secretary 901,236

Aisteachgra [44:60]
Eterau [56:36]
Nekerahab III [57:62]
Numeri [72:70]
Paraxenoagapia [57:43]
New Barbaramor [60:51]
Doolmalakhob [71:71]
Allobrateis [59:47]
Ahuinahaduti [57:46]

Questions After 8 Member 1,375,219 DONE [34:83]
RuFFianS [34:83]
La Cosa Nostra [33:82]
Caporegime [33:83]
Confused [34:82]
NoMoreLaughter [33:83]
Giovane DHonor [33:83]
Loyalty [34:83]
storm1369 9 Member 1,024,273 Green Acres [55:60]
Hooterville [54:60]
Dogpatch [70:72]
Crab Orchard [55:60]
Deer Lick [54:60]
Mayberry [57:61]
Bucksnort [58:61]
Bug Tussle [53:56]
Soddy-Daisy [58:61]
MBIII 7 Member 584,607 New age [57:48]
Crystal Harbor [59:51]
Dark Landing [57:49]
Polis [57:49]
Outpost [57:52]
Shatter Proof [56:49]
Armageddon [56:52]
erlandday 8 Member 338,695 North Pole [46:39]
Day [41:50]
Palmer [48:41]
Wasilla [46:38]
Layton [47:39]
Richard [42:52]
erland [42:51]
Rahl [41:51]
robbiek426 5 Member 135,643 Kalamato [61:51]
Alexandria [61:52]
Corinth [61:51]
Anotherpolis [59:51]
Volos [60:51]
Byzantium 3 Member 8,826 Adrianople [34:83]
Constantinople [33:82]
Thessalonika [33:83]
Artemis 1 Member 2,856 New Reach [57:48]


  • Miros, leader and diplomat
  • MickDeLuny, general
  • Strangelv, home secretary

Mission StatementEdit

The alliance seeks to inspire and conduct study, research, advancement, resource extraction, and colonization: today the Ikariam Sea, tomorrow the Moon!

The Selene Alliance Reference MissionEdit

Ikariam Universe Reference Mission 1

How we will launch our winged chariot into the sky

As the best Greek philosophers such as Aristotle have estimated that the universe is composed of concentric crystal spheres, it is possible that the Moon may represent an absolute limit to the reach of human exploration. It may also represent an opening to the next crystal sphere.

Advantages of the MoonEdit

As the Moon is on the slowest-moving crystal sphere, the risk of being flung off is lowest. It is the one crystal sphere we know that we can reach. It may also confer military advantages of throwing boulders at those below during war.


Archimedes proved that a lever, given sufficient size and a place to stand, can lift a body of limitless size. Research will be required to find one that can lift the winged chariot to the Moon, however. Furthermore, some of the smaller giant leviathans, still larger than any mountain, are able to leap into the air, providing us with a massive weight from which to launch our chariot into the sky! We will use a mountain as a fulcrum for the greatest lever the world has ever seen.


A test server was set up on to test the 0.3.0 upgrade prior to releasing it. This server is still up and the alliance has a branch on this server. Right now most alliance members are on vacation on this server.

Official PoliciesEdit

Don't call anyone a leech.

Anyone who calls an alliance member a leech can suck Miros' toe.

1v1 with Triple Parity: Mess with us, we'll mess with you harder. Come to the Moo for details of past retributions.

Mess with other people at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions linkEdit

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